Text Box: “Morning Rainstorm in Auburn, California”
A Print by N.R. Vogt
Production Year:  2008

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      The imagery in this painting captures the warm sunlight breaking through darkened clouds and illuminating the slick, soaked streets encircling the Clock Tower in downtown Auburn, California.  I have dedicated this painting to Chris, who suggested this scene after observing the extraordinary beauty of the Clock Tower, situated in the midst of the historic buildings of this old Placer mining town.  
      Construction of the Clock Tower was a community effort led by Ralph Swann, a passionate leader in restoring landmarks in downtown Auburn.  Engineering students at UC-Davis designed and built the prefabricated sections of the tower.  Earl Reuter, one of the area’s best welders, led a team of co-workers from “Auburn Ironworks” to assemble the cast-iron segments and weld additional decorative components to the structure.  The plaza surrounding the foundation of the tower is constructed of red bricks that were “sold” to Auburn citizens to pay for the project.  The clock and bell-chime, purchased from Verdin Clock Company, were mounted under the copper roof that was donated by the “Golden Swann” Jewelry Store.
     The Clock Tower, completed in 1989, is one of the newer landmarks in the city; however, it stands harmoniously in one of California’s earliest mining towns in the heart of the Gold Country. Auburn became known soon after May of 1848, when Claude Chana discovered gold in the Auburn Ravine while traveling to meet his friend James Marshall.   The town soon became the leading shipping and supply center for hundreds of gold camps, and by 1853 Auburn became the seat of Placer County. 
      I chose to paint this historic streetscape within a backdrop of a torrential downpour, just as the storm subsides in the morning hours. Vibrant sunlight instantly breaks through the darkened clouds to illuminate the striking clock tower and to brighten the path for pedestrians crossing the saturated streets.
     The stately image of the clock tower rising heavenward into the storm clouds reminds us to enjoy priority “time” each morning with the Lord Jesus, and then to serve Him and others throughout the day.  The inspired words, penned by David in Psalm 5, provided me Scriptural reference for this painting:
“Lord, listen to my words.  O Lord, Consider my meditation. Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God, because I pray to you.  Lord, every morning you hear my voice.  Every morning, I will offer my prayer before you and look up, waiting eagerly in expectation.”

It is my prayer that all who view this painting will endeavor to begin each morning with a fresh awareness of the Lord’s companionship in their life; may each come to trust Him fully, especially in life’s storms.
Help me see God’s sunshine through the rain, 
What I count a loss He will somehow turn to gain. 
Help me sing with joy instead of sadly cry,
Assured His Son is faithful to stand by. 
When in storms of life His purpose is unclear,
I discern His peace and know that He is near!

      With grateful Love in Jesus, who offers to all the assurance of experiencing His joy and peace anew each and every morning throughout Eternity, yours truly …
Nick Vogt
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